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A collaboratory is a social space in which diverse people come together to make worthwhile things. Inquisitiveness, invention, and mutual regard are the ethos. That kind of space is not easy to facilitate. Every mind is a world. Relations are messy, especially amid creative tension. This site offers tools to help. They were developed by Peter Stoyko based on his 20+ years of work with action research, dialogue-based co-creation, and participatory design.

Active Listening


Not every collaborator arrives with a mind primed for dialogue. An open mind is required. So is a receptive ear. But what does that really mean? How can someone listen actively? With this model, I try to answer those questions succinctly yet comprehensively. I often hand out this pamphlet in advance of dialogue sessions to set expectations and raise self-awareness, while pre-empting ego defensiveness and stubborn advocacy.

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I am mindful of the conversational dynamics whenever I take part in a dialogue session. That applies whether I am the facilitator or just another participant. The Kanter-Isaacs Four-square model is my favourite way of understanding those dynamics. There are four basic dialogue roles. A diverse group of collaborators usually fills all four roles. If one or two roles are missing, I step in to fill them. That keeps the dialogue balanced and productive. Learn more with this information graphic.

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